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A6 (C6) Folio Pocket Folds

A6 Folio Pocket Folds - very popular for wedding invitations and christening invitations.

A6 Folio Pocket Fold Invitation Cards - Factory Direct - Get it Fast with same/next day dispatch!

Available in 70+ colours! A6 Folio pocket fold invitation cards are are very popular for wedding invitations & christening invitations. They can be used vertically or horizontally and fit into our C6 Envelopes and our C6 Invitation Boxes. These are high quality professionally made DIY invitation cards that are made right here in Sydney Australia from some of the worlds finest imported specialty card stocks - don't disappointed by cheap flimsy copies from China - these are quality Australian made pocket folds!

Save BIG with our cheap prices and get them fast - direct from warehouse in Sydney, Australia!
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