For cutting ribbons, particularly satins & organzas, a sharp pair of scissors is critical

When cutting ribbons & organzas, common household scissors are normally too big and are generally not sharp enough to get a nice clean and precise cut with minimal fraying. Our embroidery scissors are perfect for cutting ribbons - they deliver clean & sharp cuts right to the tips - time after time. They are so good, we use them ourselves every day to make our professional designer invitations.


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ALL Ribbons - $2.00 per roll!!!

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$2.00 for ALL Satin Ribbons - 60mm, 40mm, 25mm, 15mm, 10mm, 6mm & 3mm
$2.00 for ALL Satin Edged Organza & Satin Centred Organza Ribbons
$2.00 for ALL Parasilk Ribbons
$2.00 for ALL China Knot/Paracord and Strings
$2.00 for ALL Wedding Car Ribbons
$2.00 for ALL Gros Grain Ribbons
$2.00 for ALL ribbons in stock!!!
Be Quick - Strictly Limited Stocks

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